Your views on the BTP Policing Plans 2022-25

The BTPA would like to hear your views on our plans for policing the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. This is a time of great change for the rail industry. But it remains as important as ever that passengers and staff feel safe and trains run on time.

We have developed our plans following discussion with partners from across the rail industry. These plans focus on tackling crime but they focus equally on protecting the most vulnerable using our rail network and on preventing activity that causes disruption to rail services.

We have developed a three-year plan which will take us to 2025. We will carry out an annual review process, which will ensure that our Policing Plans remain relevant throughout the three years.

You can provide your views on the Policing Plans through this survey:

We would really appreciate your comments to help us to keep passengers safe and to keep trains running.

BTP officer recognised in 2022 New Year Honours

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) wishes to congratulate Detective Sergeant Andy Winters who has been awarded the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in Her Majesty The Queen’s 2022 New Year Honours for his unwavering commitment to keeping the public safe and considerable contribution to UK policing.

BTPA Chair Ron Barclay-Smith says: “On behalf of my Authority colleagues, I am delighted that DS Winters’ commitment has been recognised and this honour is very well deserved after 38 years of stellar service to policing. DS Winter is well known for his open and engaging approach with his colleagues, dedicated teamwork, and for his tenacity and determination in investigating the most difficult crimes – seeking justice for those that deserve it most. His long career has spanned many areas of policing, all with the aim of keeping those that BTP serve safe.”

More information about this award can be found on the BTP website.

Christmas Message: BTPA Chair Ron Barclay-Smith

As we come to the end of another challenging year, on behalf of the Authority Members and BTPA Executive, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your hard work and commitment. The past 12 months have shown once again that BTP is a resilient and professional force, and the positive feedback received from both Government and the industry reinforces this view. The work you undertake, whether it be on the front line or in support, is crucial and essential across Scotland, Wales and England.

During the year we welcomed a new Chief Constable, Lucy D’Orsi, and more recently a new Deputy Chief Constable, Alistair Sutherland. I believe that under their leadership the Force will develop further to achieve new heights and I urge you all to support them as they tackle the challenges and opportunities which the Force faces. In the past year, despite a constantly changing and uncertain environment, you all have risen admirably to the challenge, and have continued to provide the highest-possible standard of protection for passengers, rail staff and critical national infrastructure. In addition, I am proud of your continued successes achieved in multiple operations and initiatives across England, Wales and Scotland; notable amongst these achievements were the significant roles played by BTP at both COP26 in Glasgow and the G7 in Cornwall which drew praise from the “host” forces at these events.

I am also deeply grateful to those officers and staff working over the holiday period to keep rail staff and passengers safe during the festive season. It is very much appreciated.

I am also conscious that we ask much of you and I am also aware that your families and friends provide essential support to you: you do a difficult, complex and unfortunately sometimes dangerous job, and the support many of you are given by your families helps considerably with the challenges you must face. My thanks to all your families and friends for that support.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ron Barclay-Smith

Chair, BTPA

New BTPA postal address

From 15 September 2021, the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) has a new postal address:

British Transport Police Authority

British Transport Police FHQ

25 Camden Road



For general enquiries, please contact Elodie Hartup on 07900 394397 or [email protected].

BTPA recognises Dominic Booth’s contribution as a Member

On behalf of all at BTPA, we should like to recognise Dominic Booth’s contribution to the work of the Authority and thank him for his time and commitment for the past eight years. Dominic has provided insight and strategic guidance in a number of key areas, supporting the Authority, its staff and the Force (BTP) at every level.

Dominic’s knowledge and expertise has been drawn from his own extensive and successful career in the rail industry. He joined as a Board Member at Abellio Group in 2007 and in 2012 was appointed as Managing Director UK, after winning the Greater Anglia rail franchise. He is responsible for all of Abellio’s business in the UK and currently chairs the operating boards of the Abellio London and Surrey bus company and Merseyrail, Northern Rail and Greater Anglia train operating companies.

On behalf of all of us here at the Authority, we are grateful to Dominic for his sound views and opinion, and have appreciated his support in guiding both the Force and the Authority through the many challenges faced over the years in the rail and security industries.


Ron Barclay-Smith