Police strategy


The 2018-21 strategic plan 


Introduction from the Chair, Ron Barclay-Smith


In anticipation of the new strategy, we have spent the last year developing areas of core focus in order to lay the groundwork for a successful Police strategydelivery of the new strategy. We have been able to retain crime levels at just 19 crimes per million passenger journeys, improved satisfaction scores at targeted stations, as well as maintaining the unit cost of providing BTP’s services at 35p per passenger kilometre. We were making improvements in these areas before the end of the last strategy, and the new proposals will really boost our efforts in these areas.

Much has changed since 2013, which means we have changed our priorities in order to respond to new challenges. The continuing risk of terrorism is high on our agenda, as busy places like stations and trains will continue to remain a target for terrorist attacks. We are also continually improving our approach to safeguarding, as the number of vulnerable people and life-saving interventions on the network continue to rise.

Our strategy is underpinned by the work we do with industry and partners to deliver services that address customer and staff priorities. It is important to identify these demands and resources effectively and efficiently, as we are fully committed to providing a value for money service and getting the best results whilst keeping costs to the industry as low as possible commensurate with effective and properly-resourced policing.

Whilst we await the date of the devolution of railway policing to Scotland, and subsequently build it accordingly into our strategy, we will do all we can to support our officers and the process working in partnership with those concerned.

All of the above can only be made possible if we continue to be transparent and inspire confidence in our partners, passengers, rail staff and all those that use the railway and its infrastructure. In this strategy, we promise to deliver a safe, secure and reliable transport system and I look forward to helping to make these commitments become reality over the next three years.

Download the British Transport Police Authority’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021