Key strategic aims

Delivery of the strategic aims will be achieved through the Delivery Plan attached in Appendix A and through the operational targets contained within our annual Policing Plans. These will be updated each year in consultation with our stakeholders.

The key targets for 2008-09 are outlined below:

Reducing crime and disorder:

  • reduce notifiable offences by at least 2%
  • increase the notifiable detection rate by at least 1%
  • reduce the number of staff assaults
  • reduce disorder offences at identified hotspot locations in partnership with the railway industry

Protecting the railway economy:

  • reduce live cable theft related offences by at least 5%
  • increase the number of detections for route crime offences
  • conclude police activity which disrupts train movement within an average of 90 minutes from receiving a report of a fatal incident as defined in the Policing Plan

Increasing capability and capacity through improving efficiency and effectiveness:

  • re-align resources to maximise effective delivery of the strategic aims through the Frontlinefirst Programme
  • maintain operational performance service levels while limiting the annual increase in the charges to the Train Operating Companies to the RPI for the life of this plan
  • achieve at least 6% efficiency savings through the Frontlinefirst programme during the life of this plan

Providing a better service to the railway community:

  • achieve the National Quality of Service Commitment satisfaction target of 80% overall victim satisfaction
  • achieve control room response times target
  • achieve diversity recruitment and progression targets