Reduce crime & disorder

Reduce crime and disorder by:


2008/09 2009/10 2010/11
CD1 Developing crime reduction strategies to address disorder and to tackle assaults on railway industry staff and passengers in partnership with the industry and other relevant stakeholders (ACC Crime).
CD2 Improving arrangements for gathering, developing and disseminating intelligence to address organised criminal groups that pose most risk of harm and improve co-ordination of intelligence in London (ACC Crime).
CD3 Enhancing the collection, development and dissemination of intelligence concerning football disorder, event management, and wider criminality (ACC Crime).
CD4 Ensuring BTP’s neighbourhood policing model is embedded in our service delivery where appropriate (ACC Operations).
CD5 Making the best use of football banning orders (ACC Operations).
CD6 Making the best use of management information to reduce crime and the fear of crime on the railway, including the development of a secure extranet portal and regular crime and incident analysis (ACC Crime).
CD7 Support a dedicated programme/project team to develop and lead a nationwide CCTV programme in order that all CCTV systems across the rail transport industry are aligned and implemented to a set of national standards and support the Home Office National CCTV strategy (ACC Crime).
CD8 Increasing the number of successful prosecutions by improving the quality of investigations and of the files presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (ACC Crime).
CD9 Promoting a positive arrest policy (Deputy Chief Constable).
CD10 Ensuring BTP has sufficient capacity and capability to deal with serious and organised crime and major crime. (ACC Crime).
CD11 Introducing a criminal justice performance regime and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assess BTP’s performance against partners in the wider criminal justice system (ACC Crime).
CD12 Making the best use of forensic science to bring more offenders to justice (ACC Crime).


2008/09 2009/10 2010/11
CD13 Ensuring BTP has sufficient capacity and expertise to deal with crime and public safety, including for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games (Director of Human Resources).
CD14 Ensuring our staff have appropriate equipment for the tasks they are expected to perform (ACC London and 2012 Olympics).
CD15 Identifying and defining the operational training requirement for frontline staff to enable them to detect and prevent crime and disorder, in consultation with Learning and Development (ACC Crime).


2008/09 2009/10 2010/11
CD16 Targeting uniform patrol to prevent crime and tackle anti-social behaviour in line with BTP’s Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy (ACC Operations).
CD17 Ensuring that major events and regular sporting occasions are well planned, risk managed and appropriately resourced (ACC Operations).
CD18 Implementing an effective patrol strategy (ACC Operations).
CD19 Reviewing custody facilities, both in terms of capacity and capability (to ensure compliance with Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Custody guidance) and to meet the operational need (ACC Crime).
CD20 Improving the quality of briefing of frontline staff through development of better briefing models and processes (ACC Operations).
CD21 Developing further the crime recording system (CRIME) and the Police Operational Information and Tasking System (POINTS) to improve the management and investigation of crime (ACC Crime).


2008/09 2009/10 2010/11
CD22 Working within a partnership framework with the industry and passengers, and provide links to Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, local area agreements and Government office regions where appropriate (ACC Operations).
CD23 Continuing to participate in the work of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) particularly the Crime and Operational Policing Business Areas to ensure BTP (Scotland) plays a full part in crime and disorder reduction strategies affecting the wider Scottish police service (ACC Scotland).
CD24 Making people feel safer about using or working on the rail and underground network by tackling crime and disorder through joint problem solving initiatives with rail partners and key stakeholders (ACC Operations).
CD25 Supporting Network Rail in their role to ensure safe use of level crossings through a joint control strategy (ACC Operations).