The BTPA is committed to openness and transparency in the way it discharges its functions. Like other policing governance bodies, the BTPA publishes key information regarding the Members of the Authority, its staff, the way it makes decisions and the way it manages its finances. Below is an index which will assist you in finding this information. Should you need any assistance in finding what you require, please contact us at [email protected]

About the Authority
Name and details of Authority Members, allowances, expenses and more can be found in the Members section.

Gift and hospitality registers are kept for both Authority Members and Executive senior staff.

Income and Expenditure
British Transport Police is funded by the companies that provide passenger, freight and infrastructure services on railways across England, Scotland and Wales. The Police Authority enters into a Police Service Agreement with each of these companies, indicating the level of policing resource that will be allocated to its line and services. It maintains similar arrangements with Network Rail and London Underground.

BTPA also maintains the accounts of the British Transport Police Fund and makes arrangements to have the accounts for each financial year audited.

Detailed information (including property and liabilities) can be found in the audited financial statements in the Finances section.

Spending over £500
Details of all invoice payments, grant payments and other payment transactions over £500 made by the BTPA and the BTP, as reported to the Department for Transport, are published by the website and can be found on this link.

All decisions are made by the full Authority unless specifically delegated to a Committee and enshrined in its terms of reference. Records of meetings (including papers, minutes and more) can be found in the Committees section.

The range of policies under which the British Transport Police Authority conducts its business can be found in the Policies section.

Independent Custody Visiting
Details of the arrangements in relation to the independent custody visitors appointed by the Authority can be found here.