Complaints we handle

BTPA will handle a complaint made by anyone against:

Complaints we do not handle

BTPA does not handle the following complaints:

Further information about making a complaint related to the police is available from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (England and Wales) or the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner for Scotland. 

Complaints against other BTP officers or staff

The Authority does not generally become involved in these complaints. If you wish to make a complaint about a BTP officer or member of staff, please refer to the Complaints section on the BTP website.

Police officers and staff cannot make complaints against a member of their own force or another force arising from their own operational duty. Any concerns should be raised through management channels, and officers and staff have a general responsibility to do so. Former officers or staff cannot make a complaint about someone in relation to an incident that happened during the time they worked for the Force.


BTPA will deal with any grievances raised against the Chief Constable and any appeal of the outcome of a grievance against the Deputy Chief Constable. Grievances can only be raised by those staff and officers currently employed by BTP. If you wish to register a grievance, please contact BTPA by email [email protected] or by post.

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