Our strategy and plans for BTP

In developing our Strategic Plan for 2018-21 we consulted widely with our stakeholders – passengers, the rail industry and industry staff – and developed a plan which sets out our ambitions over the next four years, addresses our joint priorities and tackles the things that matter most to you.

In 2017, the Police Authority took the decision – after consultation with stakeholders – to end the 2013-19 strategy early, in order to design a strategy that moved away from numerical targets towards a more comprehensive approach to performance measurement.

Our priorities

The vision and mission for this new Strategy will be delivered by:

  • Protecting and safeguarding people
  • Reducing delays and disruption
  • Providing value for money
  • Building a skilled and specialist workforce

The context

We have based our strategy on the following assumptions:

  • The railway is growing and changing
  • The threat of terrorism will persist and continue to change
  • Improving reliability of services is a priority for our partners and their customers
  • Increasing confidence and reducing fear of crime is a focus for the industry
  • The time frames for devolution of Railway Policing in Scotland will be announced during the life of this strategy and we will deliver to those plans

BTPA Strategic Plan 2018-21

201821 Strategic Plan Exec Summary