Objective 4

Promoting confidence in the use of rail transport systems

4.1 Focus

  • Contribute to the reduction of the fear of crime on the railway by tackling the crimes which impact upon staff and passengers the most (such as robbery, violence, sexual assaults, staff assaults hate crime and public order offences) and tackling anti-social behaviour, graffiti, on the network
  • Work with our partners to maximise attendance for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games through the provision of reliable, safe and accessible transport

4.2 Utilisation

  • Ensure that by 2014 BTP has the optimum workforce mix including analysis of resource levels at different times throughout the day

4.3 Control

  • Develop the use of BTP and partner data to look beyond the National Passenger Survey
  • Design and implement an organisational charter to ensure delivery of the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards everyone we work with
  • Maintain partnership working with Home Office forces to ensure mutual understanding
  • Maintain our ongoing commitment to policing styles that support engagement with our passenger communities

4.4 Improvement

  • In partnership with train operators, security services and other relevant stakeholders, develop a joint deployment strategy to maximise visibility
  • Contribute to our partners’ environmental improvement activities and provide advice on designing out crime and reducing the fear of crime
  • Maximise and market the use of technology especially CCTV capability
  • Increase the accessibility of crime and incident data to members of the public & our industry partners
  • Review organisational structures and policing style to ensure they focus resources on stakeholder priorities

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