Independent Members for Misconduct Hearings

Where it came from

From 1 December 2008 all police officers were subject to new standards of professional behaviour and new discipline procedures. The changes were designed to bring about greater transparency and objectivity in the way the discipline system operates. An important aspect of the new procedures was the involvement of independent members to sit on all level two misconduct hearings.  Previously independent members were only required to sit on those hearing panels where the matter had been the subject of a supervised, managed or independent IPCC investigation.

Misconduct hearings deal with matters that, if proven, have been deemed to amount to gross misconduct, meaning that dismissal is an available sanction.

How it works

The British Transport Police Authority, in partnership with the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime, Corporation of London (the appropriate authority for the City of London Police) and the Ministry of Defence Police Committee shares a list of independent members.  Independent Members sit on the panel at the misconduct hearing alongside two senior staff, usually an Assistant Chief Constable and a person of the rank of superintendent or above.  The decision of the panel is made jointly between the three parties based on the evidence presented.

Interested in becoming an Independent Member?

A relevant background in human resources/disciplinary matters, including the ability to weigh evidence and remain fair and objective is essential. Previous experience of participating in disciplinary panels would also be useful.

It should be noted that this is a voluntary role, but full training will be given and expenses paid.

We are not currently recruiting independent members.