Your views on the BTP Policing Plans 2022-25

The BTPA would like to hear your views on our plans for policing the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. This is a time of great change for the rail industry. But it remains as important as ever that passengers and staff feel safe and trains run on time.

We have developed our plans following discussion with partners from across the rail industry. These plans focus on tackling crime but they focus equally on protecting the most vulnerable using our rail network and on preventing activity that causes disruption to rail services.

We have developed a three-year plan which will take us to 2025. We will carry out an annual review process, which will ensure that our Policing Plans remain relevant throughout the three years.

You can provide your views on the Policing Plans through this survey:

We would really appreciate your comments to help us to keep passengers safe and to keep trains running.