Consultation on Strategic Plan 2022-27

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) would be grateful for your time in commenting on our strategy for policing the railways from 2022-27.

This strategy spans a time of huge change in the way the railway is operated and organised and during that time, we will need to play our part to ensure the security of the new railway is safeguarded. That work will continue behind the scenes but this simple, public-facing strategy is designed to communicate clearly to rail partners and public alike how we plan to police the railway during this period.

The strategy lays out our strategic objectives, our plans for delivery and the metrics we will use to demonstrate success. It has a broader and longer term ambition than our policing plans, on which we have recently consulted, and for which we have been very grateful for the engagement of our rail industry partners.

Draft Strategic Plan 2022-27

If you have any comments on the Plan linked above, please contact Katie Stanton on [email protected].