Meeting: Full Authority Meeting

  • Date: 24 March 2021
  • Time: 10:30 - 14:00
  • Location: Microsoft Teams


If you wish to attend this meeting, or have any queries regarding the agenda, please contact [email protected]

Items marked with either an asterisk (*) are deemed to contain protected information as per Paragraph(s) 35 and 40 of the BTPA Code of Governance and have therefore been redacted to make them eligible for publication. Items marked with a double asterisk (**) are deemed non-public in their entirety and therefore withheld from publication altogether. 

Agenda Item 1

Agenda Item 2

Public Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 December 2020
Agenda Item 3

Actions / Background Paper 2/2020 (Niche VEAT Briefing Note)** / Background Paper 9/2020 (Complaints Panel Terms of Reference) 
Agenda Item 4

Agenda Item 5

Risk Profile / Background Paper (Joint Strategic Risk Dashboard)**
Agenda Item 5.1

Risk Overview / Background Paper (Enterprise Risk Management Framework)**
Agenda Item 5.2

BTPA Chief Executive’s Report
Agenda Item 6

BTP Chief Constable’s Report
Agenda Item 7

Refreshed Strategic Plan to 2022 / Annex 
Agenda Item 8

Policing Plan 2021/22 / Annex A / Annex B
Agenda Item 9

Wellbeing, Health and Safety
Agenda Item 10

Wellbeing, Health and Safety – BTPAs Role as a Legal Entity
Agenda Item 10.1

Health and Safety Strategy and Policy
Agenda Item 10.2

Police Staff Pension – Consultation Outcome / Summary Report / Background Paper (Summary Report Appendices A-E)**
Agenda Item 11

Police Staff Pension – 2019 Actuarial Valuation 
Agenda Item 12

Committee Minutes
Agenda Item 13

Note of the Police Authority Workshop (3 February 2021)*
Agenda Item 13.1

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee (11 March 2021)* 
Agenda Item 13.2

Appointments and Remuneration Committee (10 March 2021)*
Agenda Item 13.3

Strategy and Planning Committee (2 March 2021)*
Agenda Item 13.4

Scottish Railways Policing Committee (17 February 2021)
Agenda Item 13.5

Performance and Delivery Committee (16 February 2021)*
Agenda Item 13.6

Any Other Business
Agenda Item 14

Exclusion of the Public
Agenda Item 15

Non-Public Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 December 2020**
Agenda Item 16

Full Business Case: New Birmingham
Agenda Item 17

BTPA Cover Report: New Birmingham**
Agenda Item 17.1

Full Business Case: New Birmingham**
Agenda Item 17.2

Any Other Business whilst the Public are Excluded
Agenda Item 18

Confidential Minutes – Appointments and Remuneration Committee (10 March 2021)**
Agenda Item 19

Confidential Update – Recruitment
Agenda Item 20

Meeting Evaluation
Agenda Item 21