Stakeholder Relations & Communication Strategy

This committee monitored the Authority’s process of consultation with rail passengers, the industry, and other stakeholders. Its remit also included relationships with the rail industry and the Authority’s publicity plans. It held its final meeting on Wednesday 20 January 2010.

This committee monitored and reviewed the following:

  • The strategy for consulting
  1. Passengers on the railways;
  2. Groups of persons representing passengers on the railways;
  3. Persons providing railway services;
  4. Organisations representing persons providing railway services;
  5. Employees of persons providing railway services
  6. Organisations representing employees of persons providing railway services;
  7. The Scottish Ministers;
  8. The National Assembly for Wales;
  9. Organisations representing local authorities in England;
  10. The Strategic Rail Authority, the Office of Rail Regulation, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, the Health and Safety Commission, the Health and Safety Executive;
  • The effectiveness of the Authority’s arrangements with the rail industry;
  • Actions arising out of any management reviews within the Terms of Reference;
  • Arrangements to prevent crime on the railways and promote reassurance within our community.

This committee decided upon

  • The programme of consultations to be undertaken by the Authority;
  • The relationships to be developed and implemented with partner and stakeholder organisations;
  • The Authority’s publicity and public relations plan;
  • Appropriate partnership arrangements with strategies and plans to implement them.

This committee’s final meeting was on

Wednesday 20 January 2010