Strategy, Budget & Performance Monitoring

This committee set the strategic direction for the Authority and the Force, ensuring that there was adequate funding, that finance and performance was linked and that resources were properly and effectively allocated and managed. It held its final meeting on Wednesday 10 February 2010.

This committee determined and reported to the full Authority on the following:

  • The overall strategy for the Authority and Force;
  • The 3-year Policing Strategy;
  • The Medium Term Financial Strategy;
  • The annual Revenue and Capital Budgets;
  • The annual Police Plan;
  • The links made between financial performance and operational performance.

This committee decided upon

  • Actions to be taken following the scrutiny of the Force’s performance against:
  1. The annual Revenue and Capital Budgets
  2. The objectives and targets set out in the annual Policing Plan
  • The programme of management or other reviews designed to promote efficiency, effectiveness and economy, and the improvement programmes arising from them;
  • The Authority’s Business Plan;
  • Detailed scheme approvals arising from projects within the approved capital programme which require Authority approval.

This committee’s final meeting was on

Wednesday 10 February 2010