Sir David O’Dowd

CBE; OStJ; QPM; DL; Dip Soc; BA; MSc; DSc (Hon); CCMI

Sir David is the former deputy chair of the British Transport Police Authority. He has over forty years experience in law enforcement and served with the Leicestershire, West Midlands, Metropolitan Police Service (at New Scotland Yard) and the Northamptonshire Police Forces. He is a former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire and until December 2001 was Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is the most senior national police figure reporting directly to the Secretary of State on the efficiency and effectiveness of all the UK Police Forces and acting as the principal advisor to the Minister on policing matters. Sir David has personally served with three former Home Secretaries.

During his police career, he was at the forefront of managerial and organisational change and served as police advisor to the Audit Commission for five years. He previously held a number of national positions and appointments. He was National Director of the Police Graduate and Senior Appointments selection scheme; senior advisor to the Cyprus Police for five years; headed a team to comprehensively review the Trinidad and Tobago Police immediately after the 1990 coup and in 2001 appointed by their Prime Minister to further review the constitutional and organisational changes necessary to bring about fundamental reform to their police service, including integrity issues.

Sir David’s term as deputy chair came to an end on 30 June 2011.