Human Resources & Remuneration

This committee oversaw the Authority’s Human Resources policies and procedures, and monitored such aspects as BTP’s employment policy, its development plan and its diversity and equality strategy. It held its final meeting on Tuesday 23 February 2010.

This committee monitored and reviewed the following:

  • BTP’s employment and retention policies and strategies;
  • BTP’s training and development plans;
  • BTP’s Diversity and Equality strategies and policies to implement them;
  • Actions arising out of any specific Management reviews within the Terms of Reference;
  • Actions arising from Staff Attitude Surveys and/or Cultural Audits;
  • Relevant HMIC recommendations.

This committee decided upon

  • Major changes to pay and conditions of all staff;
  • Relevant Force policies, such as Health and Safety, Diversity and Equality;
  • The Authority’s own policies towards HR issues.

This committee’s final meeting was on

Tuesday 23 February 2010