Meeting: Performance and Delivery Committee

  • Date: 13 September 2018
  • Location: Virtual Meeting

1. Minutes from Q4 Performance and Delivery Committee
Draft minutes for approval

2. Matters Arising
2.1 Ill health dismissals
2.2 Resource planning
2.3 BTP Drugs Policy update
Update on actions by Committee Chair

Standing Items

3. Quarterly Performance Review
3.1 Strategy update
3.2 Policing Plan performance

3.3 Finance
3.4 Technology
3.5 People and Development
3.6 Professionalism

Quarterly review presentation from BTP

Other Business

4. Determination of 2017/18 Wash-up charges
Report with options for approval from BTPA Executive

5. Any other business
5.1 Any risks to be communicated to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

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