Meeting: Performance Review committee meeting

  • Date: 15 May 2013
  • Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Location: 16-24 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 2RA

1. Welcome and apologies

2. Minutes of meeting 17.01.2013
For approval

3. Matters arising
3.1 Firearms oversight arrangements
Report from BTPA Performance Review Manager

4. Changes to the Terms of Reference of the Performance Review Committee
Report from Performance Review Manager

5. Q4 Performance Report and analysis
Report from ACC Territorial Policing and Crime and input from BTPA

6. Update on reducing disruption
Verbal update from ACC Territorial Policing and Crime

7. Stop & Search six monthly update
Report from ACC Territorial Policing and Crime


8. Thematic: Criminal Justice (CJ) Review
Presentation by Head of Justice, and Operations Manager CJU (and visit to follow meeting)

9. Scoping discussion for thematic items to be taken at the next meeting
9.1 Data quality (crime and incident data) annual report on data quality for review and discussion
9.2 BTP disclosure unit – performance against internal KPIs and national standards of compliance relating to FOIA and DPA

10. Any other business

11. Date of next meeting: 22nd July 2013

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