Meeting: Scottish Railways Policing Committee

  • Date: 14 September 2023
  • Time: 11:30 - 14:30
  • Location: Scottish Police Authority, 1 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DZ & Microsoft Teams


Any enquiries, or requests from members of the public to attend the meeting, should be directed to Alistair MacLellan / [email protected]. The agenda pack for the meeting can be downloaded here. N.B. any items marked with an asterisk (*) have been withheld from publication in line with BTPAs FOI Publication Scheme.

Agenda Item 1

Declarations of Interest
Agenda Item 2

Agenda Item 3

Agenda Item 4

Strategic Risk*
Agenda Item 5

Operational Performance
Agenda Item 6

Policing Plan Performance Q1 2023/24
Agenda Item 6.1

Joint Working – Police Scotland and British Transport Police
Agenda Item 6.2

Strategy, Planning and Thematic Items
Agenda Item 7

Thematic: Stop and Search and Use of Force on Young Persons [TO FOLLOW] 
Agenda Item 7.1

A Force on the Move Programme Update*
Agenda Item 7.2

Industry Voice (Verbal)
Agenda Item 7.3

Audit, Inspection and Governance Items
Agenda Item 8

Audit and Inspection Report Q1 2023/24
Agenda Item 8.1

Committee Workplan 2023/24
Agenda Item 8.2

Evaluation Framework Q1 2023/24
Agenda Item 8.3

Any Other Business
Agenda Item 9

Meeting Evaluation
Agenda Item 10