Strategy and Planning

The next meeting for the Strategy and Planning committee is on n/a



The Strategy and Planning Committee will formally report in writing to the Authority highlighting progress against the Policing Plan and Strategy development processes and any significant matters arising.


  • To produce a draft Strategy and Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) for consideration by the Authority
  • To prepare the Policing Plan in line with the strategy and stakeholder requirements
  • To ensure effective consultation with stakeholders in the preparation of the Strategy, MTFP, and Policing Plan.
  • To agree performance metrics with the force
  • To assess performance against the defined criteria of the Policing and Strategic Plans
  • To request and consider other information from BTP, BTPA, stakeholders and other sources to support scrutiny activities
  • To oversee development of an annual report from the Authority


  • MTFP recommendation to the full Authority
  • Strategy recommendation to the full Authority
  • Policing Plan recommendation to the full Authority
  • Agreement of performance metrics


The Strategy, Planning and Performance Committee will meet at least 4 times a year.  The Chair of the Committee may convene additional meetings, as they deem necessary.