Meeting: Performance & Delivery Committee

  • Date: 7 May 2020
  • Time: 14:00 - 16:30
  • Location: Videoconference

1. Introductions
Introductions and apologies led by Chair

2. Minutes
Draft minutes for approval

3. Matters Arising
Update on actions led Committee Chair

Standing Items

4. 2019/20 Q4 Performance Update
4.1 People and Culture
4.1a Are the correct number of employees, with the appropriate skillsets, based in the right locations? What issues is BTP experiencing with respect to officer attrition and what recruitment and retention initiatives have been implemented? Are there any capacity and capability issues impacting the Transformation Programme?
4.2b What are the current themes emerging from PSD cases, civil claims and employment tribunals? Are there any current areas of risk and what is being done to mitigate these?
4.2 Budget / MTFP
4.2a How does the Force outturn compare with the 2019/20 year-end forecast? Has expenditure been in the planned areas?
4.3 Policing Plan performance
4.3a How did BTP perform against the 2019/20 Policing Plan priorities? What have been the key areas of success and what were the main challenges, and how are the challenges being addressed?

5. Strategy Update
Update from BTP

Other Business

6. Reflection on effectiveness of meeting
Discussion led by Mr Cooper

7. Any risks to be communicated to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee
Summary of risks highlighted in the meeting led by Chair

8. Any other business

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