Meeting: Strategy and Planning Committee

  • Date: 16 September 2020
  • Time: 10:30 - 13:00
  • Location: Microsoft Teams



As per paragraph 39, Annex 5 (Procedural Standing Orders) of the BTPA Code of Governance (2019) this meeting will be held in private. Please direct any enquiries to Alistair MacLellan / [email protected].

Welcome and Introductions
Agenda Item 1

Minutes of the meeting held on 3 June 2020
Agenda Item 2

Matters Arising
Agenda Item 3

Update on 6 COVID Work Strands
Agenda Item 4

Strand 2: Transformation Reset
Agenda Item 4.1

Appendix to Transformation Reset (Strategy Committee Update)
Agenda Item 4.1.1

Appendix to Transformation Reset (COVID-19 Related Analysis)
Agenda Item 4.1.2

Strand 3: People Strategy
Agenda Item 4.2

Strategy Refresh 2020
Agenda Item 5

Approach to Developing Medium-Term Financial Plan
Agenda Item 6

Appendix – Chief Officer Group Medium-Term Financial Plan Assumptions
Agenda Item 6.1

Policing Plan Working Group Launch
Agenda Item 7

Moving the Needle on BTPs Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Inclusion – Our Action Plan
Agenda Item 8

Business Cases
Agenda Item 9

Axis House Replacement Site
Agenda Item 9.1

Axis House Replacement Cost Model
Agenda Item 9.1.1

Axis House Replacement Illustrative Floor Plan
Agenda Item 9.1.2

Waterloo Estate
Agenda Item 9.2

Annex A – Waterloo Estate
Agenda Item 9.2.1

Look Ahead
Agenda Item 10

Summary of Key Risks and Messaging arising from Meeting
Agenda Item 11

Review of Effectiveness/Approach to Meeting
Agenda Item 12

Any Other Business
Agenda Item 13