Meeting: Professional Standards committee meeting

  • Date: 25 July 2012
  • Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Location: The Forum, 5th Floor North, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG

Standing items

1. Matters Arising from the File Review

2. Minutes of Meeting: 16 May 2012

3. Matters arising

4. Update from the Chairman

5. Quarterly Report
Report from DSU Lawson

6. Grievance & Employment Tribunal Update
Report from the HR Corporate Services Manager

7. Business Plans Progress Update
Verbal update from DSU Lawson

8. Executive Update
Report from the Authority Business Manager


9. Custody Report
Report from Superintendent Rowe

Date of next meeting: 24 October 2012 (File review 12-2pm, Meeting 2-4pm)

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Agenda | Minutes