Meeting: Audit and Risk Committee

  • Date: 4 September 2018

1. Introductions and welcome
Opening notes from the Committee Chair
2. Minutes of Meeting 15 June 2018
3. Matters arising/actions outstanding 
3.1. Systems architecture report
4. Quarterly Strategic Risk Register Updates
4.1. Strategic Risk Register & Risk Appetite Workshop
5. Internal Audit Progress Report
5.1. Update report from GIAA Audit Manager
5.2. Final GIAA Audit of HR and Payroll Report.
6. BTP Quarterly Update
6.1. Report from the Deputy Chief Constable
6.2. HMICFRS update from the Deputy Chief Constable
6.3. Business Continuity update from the Director of Strategy and Change
7. BTPA Quarterly Update
7.1. Report from the Authority Chief Finance Officer
7.2. PSA model adjustments for 2016/17 wash up and 2018/19 provisional
7.3. Cost allocation model – station usage data for Stratford
8. Any Other Business