Conservative Border Protection Service proposals

The Conservative Party has issued a report produced by its Border Security Advisory Committee, setting out high-level proposals for a new Border Protection Service. The Advisory Committee is one of a number of groups and taskforces set up by the Conservatives to examine specific areas of policy.

Commenting on the new report, the Chairman of the British Transport Police Authority, Sir Alistair Graham, said:

“The Border Security Advisory Committee’s package of proposals includes some interesting ideas which the Authority will want to look at in more detail. In particular, the suggestion that the British Transport Police’s involvement in port policing on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link could be amalgamated into a new Border Protection Service will need close examination.

“My understanding is that this proposal would only affect policing around the Tunnel portal and has an impact on only a few BTP officers. However, this raises the wider question of the possible need for such policing to be undertaken by a national, specialist force – a role that is currently fulfilled in respect of the railways by British Transport Police, which is used to policing in a commercial context and which has a national presence.”

The Advisory Committee recognises that extensive work will now need to be undertaken to develop its proposals further and that consultation with all of the organisations currently involved in border security will be an important part of this process. The BTPA would expect to be fully involved in discussions about the implications of the report’s recommendations.

BTP Policing Plan announced for 2008/09

The Policing Plan for 2008/09 has been published.

It is available to view on the Publications section of our website. It is split into each BTP area and there is a National Plan available for viewing along with a National Poster highlighting the targets for 2008/09.

Authority chairman to leave after four years

The Department for Transport (DfT) has decided not to extend Sir Alistair Graham’s contract beyond the 30th September 2008.

Sir David O’Dowd, Deputy Chair, will take over as interim Chairman until a successor is appointed.

The DfT will be taking steps to recruit a successor.

Richard Hemmings

BTPA Chief Executive & Clerk

BTPA Strengthens Olympic Team

The British Transport Police Authority has appointed two new ACCs (Assistant Chief Constables) with roles relating to Operations, London and the Olympics. A third ACC has been appointed to cover the crime portfolio.

ACC Alan Pacey, who has covered the ACC (Operations) role on a temporary basis since January 2006 has been made more substantive in this role.

ACC Steve Thomas joined the BTP as of July, from Greater Manchester Police, covering London and the Olympics. He has lead on football policing in the past, having been in charge of the British police in Germany for the 2006 World Cup.

ACC Paul Robb retired this month after 31 years at the BTP. His role has been taken over by ACC Paul Crowther, who was previously Chief Superintendent in charge of policing London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

BTP’s 4th ACC, whose portfolio covers Scotland and Organisational Support, is David McCall. He joined the BTP in March 2004 from the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency, where he was Deputy Director.

Sir Alistair Graham, Chairman of the British Transport Police Authority has said, “These latest appointments are an investment in the future and an important step in planning for the challenges around the 2012 London Olympics.”

BTP Chief Constable, Ian Johnston has commented, “The 2012 Olympics present a huge challenge for the police and security services. These appointments build on our success and help to provide the expertise and command resilience we need to continue the important task of keeping our rail systems safe.”

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