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The members of the British Transport Police Authority oversee the police force, set its priorities and allocate funding.

We also deal with complaints and recruitment in certain cases, independent custody visiting and Freedom of Information requests.

More about what we do:

Duties and responsibilities | Complaints | Recruitment | Independent Custody Visiting | Freedom of Information


BTPA appoints new ACC

The British Transport Police Authority is pleased to announce that Charlie Doyle has been appointed... more

Secretary of State agrees members’ reappointment

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, has agreed the reappointment of three members... more

BTPA seeks new chair

APPLICATIONS NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED The BTPA is currently looking for applicants for the position... more

BTPA Upcoming Events

27.09.17 - Full Authority Meeting - view
16.11.17 - Appointments and Remuneration Committee - view
21.11.17 - Performance and Delivery Committee - view
23.11.17 - Strategy and Planning Committee - view
05.12.17 - Audit and Risk Assurance Committee - view

Each year we publish national and regional targets for British Transport Police.

Also available is the strategy we have set for the Force and the accounts we submit to parliament.