Performance and Delivery

This committee reviews British Transport Police’s recent performance. The quorum of the committee is half the Membership.

The next meeting for the Performance Review committee is on Thursday 21 September 2017


The Performance Review Committee will formally report in writing to the Authority after each meeting providing a quarterly performance report and highlighting any other significant matters arising.


  • To monitor and provide supportive challenge on BTP’s operational and organisational performance and efficiency against criteria which are defined and refreshed annually to include operational and organisational KPIs and outputs from external inspections.
  • To have oversight of deployment of Taser and firearms to include delivery of mandatory training to maintain these capabilities
  • Provide a regular update to the full Authority on progress with performance including the key issues and actions arising
  • Request and consider information from BTP, BTPA, stakeholders and other sources to support scrutiny activities in terms of internal and external comparison and benchmarking of performance
  • Oversee development of an annual performance report from the Authority


  • Quarterly Budget and Performance Authority meetings
  • Annual performance report


The Performance Committee will meet at least four times a year.  The Chair of the Committee may convene additional meetings, as they deem necessary.