New targets will see policing where it’s needed most

New targets, vital for keeping the country moving and passengers safe, are being rolled out force wide today.

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA), which oversees the work of the Force, has worked closely with BTP to produce this year’s National and Divisional Policing Plans which sets out targets to be delivered by the end of the year.

This year’s targets are a result of ramped up public consultation with passengers making themselves heard via BTP’s passenger survey and the National Rail Passenger survey. As a result passengers can expect to see more officers at stations where they are needed most.

The rail industry and its staff have also worked closely with the Authority and BTP to influence plans this year with particular emphasis on work that can done to reduce disruption caused by offences such as trespass. Targets have been set this year that will see BTP working directly with partners to reduce disruption as well as increase confidence amongst rail employees.

The 2015 – 16 National targets for BTP are:

  • Reduce crime by 3 per cent
  • Reduce violence against the person offences by at least 10 per cent
  • By working with our partners, BTP will achieve at least a 7 per cent reduction in total police related lost minutes in 2015-16
  • At least a 78.8 per cent confidence rating for passengers measured by the National Rail Passenger Survey
  • At least a 67.7 per cent confidence rating for rail staff measured by the BTP rail staff survey
  • Increase in confidence at the 20 stations with the lowest confidence ratings as measured by the National Rail Passenger Survey
  • Average days lost to sickness absence per employee to be less than 7.3 days (or 2014-15 end of year performance if lower)

Announcing the plans Millie Banerjee Chair of the BTPA said:

“This year’s targets capture the big issues affecting those who work for or use the railways. They support the Force to make the greatest impact by encouraging partnership working whilst focusing policing where it is needed most.

“As passenger numbers rise and infrastructure expands work to fulfil the longer term targets is becoming more challenging. We are now into the heavy lifting and BTP will need to lean on rail partners to achieve its targets. Tackling disruption or the causes of disruption for example cannot be solved by BTP alone which is why we’ve set targets for BTP to work with rail partners on joint plans to tackle issues that matter most to passengers and rail companies.”

Chief Constable of BTP, Paul Crowther added:

“The targets for 2015/16 build on our successes last year to reduce disruption and increase passenger confidence and will, rightly, be extremely challenging. Passenger feedback means this year we are confident our targets are focused on the issues that matter most. Securing the confidence of passengers is vital to our success as a force, increasing visibility and ensuring we have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time will help us achieve this.

“BTP has always worked closely with our industry partners and the focus this year on local problem solving plans underpins this essential relation. The disruption of services, whether as a result of trespass or other crimes, affects millions of passengers and its right that our targets around this continue to be ambitious.

“The year ahead will no doubt bring plenty of opportunities to strengthen and enhance the work already being undertaken by BTP to make a difference to the millions of rail staff and passengers who depend on Britain’s rail network. I look forward to another demanding and interesting year.”