Meeting: Pension Working Group

  • Date: 5 March 2021
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:30
  • Location: Teams


Meetings of Working Groups of the British Transport Police Authority are not open to the public. 

If you have any queries regarding this meeting please contact Alistair MacLellan / [email protected]

Item 1

Declarations of Interest
Item 2

Minutes of the meeting held on 10 February 2021
Item 3

Item 4

Police Staff Pension Scheme Consultation
Item 5

Police Staff Pension – Consultation Outcome Cover Report
Item 5.1

Summary Document regarding consultation over the British Transport Police Shared Cost Section of the Railways Pensions Scheme (the ‘Staff Scheme’)
Item 5.2

Appendix A – Copies of all communication in numerical order
Item 5.2.1

Appendix B – Copies of Minutes of meetings with TSSA, Superintendents’ Association and the Federation
Item 5.2.2

Appendix C – TSSA Letter to BTPA Chief Executive
Item 5.2.3

Appendix D – Superintendents’ Association Formal Submission and Response
Item 5.2.4

Appendix E – Key Decision Log
Appendix 5.2.5

Regulator / Valuation
Item 6

Officer Scheme Valuation Update
Item 6.1

Staff Scheme Valuation Update
Item 6.2

Any Other Business
Item 7

Meeting Evaluation
Item 8