Update on the 2020/21 Policing Plan

The British Transport Police are working hard on the frontline during the current COVID-19 pandemic in difficult circumstances and in support of the public and rail industry partners. The Police Authority are doing all that we can to support the Force through this period.

Prior to the pandemic, the Force and the Authority had worked together with industry partners to formulate a Policing Plan to steer operations in 2020/21. These plans were finalised before the end of March, but the Force is not yet in a position to divert its core operational focus back from the changing priorities necessitated by the course of the pandemic.

Therefore, the Authority has decided further to postpone the publication of the 20/21 Policing Plan with an expectation to publish when the demands on the British Transport Police have returned to an approximation of the norm across England, Wales and Scotland.

The Authority will be reviewing the situation on a monthly basis and will keep our partners – and this website – updated with our plans.

If you have queries on the 20/21 Policing Plan, please contact Katie Stanton.


6 April 2020
Message from the BTPA Chair – 2020/21 Policing Plans

In accordance with section 52 of the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003, the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) has now completed its work on the development of its Policing Plans for 2020/21.

In a normal year we would publish these at the start of the new business year (1 April) but in recognition of the current, exceptional, operating environment, the Authority has decided to pause publication until at least the end of April.

We have taken this unprecedented decision to allow our officers and staff the space they need to focus on the immediate priority of keeping the railway operational during the COVID-19 crisis to allow the safe movement of essential workers and freight around the network. The Force remains committed to keeping the network, passengers and staff safe during this very challenging time.

We will keep the operational environment under review and revisit our decision towards the end of April when I will provide another update via this website. If you would like more information on our approved plans in the interim please contact our Executive Team at [email protected]

Ron Barclay-Smith
Chair, BTPA