Standstill budget agreed by BTPA

British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) today announced the police force’s budget for the forthcoming year will remain at 2011/12 levels.

“In real terms this is a reduction,” said Millie Banerjee, BTPA chairman. “I am proud that the Authority has continued to control the cost of policing the railways. In order to achieve this we have had to make some difficult decisions, including pay freezes.

“We will continue to maintain the pressure on our costs and will take into account the Chancellor’s direction on pay when we develop our Medium Term Financial Plan.

“I believe this will demonstrate how we are contributing to the Government’s commitment to reduce costs in the railway industry.

The overall charge BTPA will be levying to Train and Freight Operating Companies under Police Service Agreements in 2012/13 will be £198.8m. This largely excludes BTP’s funding from London Underground, which is arranged separately.

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About the BTPA

BTPA is an independent body of that oversees the British Transport Police. It is composed of 15 members who represent the rail operators and passengers. It maintains the force’s budget, allocates resources and makes senior appointments to the force. For more information, visit

British Transport Police is the specialist, national police service for Britain’s railways. It deals with major and minor crime, disorder and incidents, and covers the rail system in England, Wales and Scotland. Its police officers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and support staff are recruited and trained like those of local forces and have the same powers.