Response: Why targets work for BTP

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) has overseen the work of the British Transport Police (BTP) for 11 years and in that time BTP have become world class and world leaders in what they do.

They are seen as a vital part of the rail family ensuring the safety and security of everyone who uses the rail network.

In all of its history BTP has never performed better and crime on the railways has reduced year on year.

BTP is different to Home Office police forces because it works in a commercial environment and is fully funded by the rail industry from passenger and freight revenue.

Annual targets are the result of joint working with BTP and consultation with our stakeholders, including passenger groups, rail staff, train companies and Network Rail. These intelligence led targets, support the goals of the rail industry, and use measures which are meaningful for the operational and commercial model underpinning the rail franchising system.

Targets set clear, visible, goals that evidence to passengers, and our many other stakeholders, how their feedback has been used and that the right steps are being taken to meet long term goals of reducing crime and disruption.

The achievements of BTP in reducing crime and disruption every year, and the increase in passenger confidence, demonstrates that targets work in a rail environment.

The policing plans for 2015/16 were formally agreed in March this year and are the result of annual consultation.

View this year’s policing plans.