Police Authority welcomes new DCC for BTP

The Chief Executive of the body that oversees the work of the transport police met the new Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) for the Force this afternoon to welcome him to the team following his appointment earlier in the year.

BTP’s new DCC Adrian Hanstock started work for the Force this week having been sworn in on Tuesday at Highbury Magistrates Court.

Adrian Hanstock was appointed by the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) back in August and met with Chief Executive Andrew Figgures this afternoon to discuss the ambitions of the Authority and how it would support the Force in achieving its goals.

On introducing Adrian to staff at the Authority Andrew said:

“It’s a real pleasure to welcome Adrian to the team he brings a wealth of experience and wisdom.”

Until recently Adrian was a Commander with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) serving as Head of Crime and Criminal Justice.