New strategy announced for British Transport Police

BTPA today launched its strategy for British Transport Police until 2014. This document was produced following extensive consultation with the rail industry.

Millie Banerjee and Andrew Figgures, chairman and chief executive, said the plan’s operating context is extremely challenging, coming as passenger numbers rise but public sector and rail industry finances are constrained.

Introducing the plan, they wrote: “This plan outlines how BTP will match organisational activities to the environment, respond to any perceived threats and exploit identified opportunities with clear objectives that ensure strategic intent turns into operational reality.”

Over the period of this strategy, BTP will focus on four key objectives:

  1. Helping to keep rail transport systems running
  2. Helping to make rail transport systems safer and more secure
  3. Deliver value for money through continuous improvement
  4. Promoting confidence in the use of rail transport systems

The strategy is available to read on BTPA’s website by clicking here or in PDF format.

For more information contact

Michael Daventry
British Transport Police Authority
Tel: 020 7383 5678
Email: [email protected]

About the BTPA

BTPA is an independent body of that oversees the British Transport Police. It is composed of 15 members who represent the rail operators and passengers. It maintains the force’s budget, allocates resources and makes senior appointments to the force. For more information, visit

British Transport Police is the specialist, national police service for Britain’s railways. It deals with major and minor crime, disorder and incidents, and covers the rail system in England, Wales and Scotland. Its police officers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and support staff are recruited and trained like those of local forces and have the same powers.