New Deputy Chief Constable for British Transport Police

British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) has today announced the appointment of Paul Crowther as the new Deputy Chief Constable of British Transport Police.

Paul was appointed Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) for British Transport Police in 2007 and has been Temporary Deputy Chief Constable since August 2009, following his predecessor’s appointment as Chief Constable.

‘I am delighted to say that in Paul we have found the candidate we were looking for,’ said Millie Banerjee, BTPA Chairman. ‘The panel concluded that his strategic approach, his drive and his passion for BTP were precisely the qualities we were looking for.

‘With overall crime down again this year, the rail network has never been so safe. But there are tough challenges ahead in spite of past success so Paul’s job will be far from easy.’

Commenting on the appointment, Chief Constable Andy Trotter said: ‘I’ve been enormously impressed with Paul’s drive, energy and intellect during his period as Temporary DCC and I am delighted that he has been successful.

‘I would like to congratulate Paul, who is a very talented police officer and who will help navigate BTP through these difficult economic times. He understands the organisation and the pressures front line staff are under, and will undoubtedly play a significant role in steering us towards even better results.

‘This was a very impressive short list and Paul’s success shows the high calibre of officers that BTP is now producing.’

Transport Secretary, Andrew Adonis said: ‘I’m pleased that Paul Crowther has been chosen to be the new Deputy Chief Constable of the British Transport Police. I offer him my warmest congratulations on being selected from a first rate list of candidates and I very much look forward to working with him.’

Paul Crowther has spent his career with British Transport Police since he joined in 1980. He was an incident commander at several major train crash incidents, including Hatfield and Potters Bar, and led British Transport Police’s operational response following the terrorist attacks on 7 July and 21 July.

The Police Authority will advertise for a new Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) shortly.

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