Government concludes review into police Authority

A government review into the BTPA has concluded that it is an organisation that listens, has demonstrated a willingness to work collaboratively with the rail industry and has good leadership.

In the second, and final part of a review into the Authority’s work, the Minister of State for Transport Baroness Kramer has released a report which follows up on findings announced in the summer.

In a statement issued this morning the minister said:

“I am pleased to announce the conclusion of the second part of the review and the publication of the Part 2 report.

“The Part 2 report explores concerns on the part of the industry in relating the costs incurred to the services delivered by the BTP; and what can be done to reduce costs and to create a more harmonious and productive relationship between the Force, the Authority and its stakeholders.

“The report reflects the generally positive view of the BTPA’s current leadership and an improving trend in its willingness to act collaboratively and to consult. It also makes a number of recommendations for a sensible way forward for the future, a number of which build on the good progress that the BTPA has already made.”

In response to Baroness Kramer’s announcement Chair of the BTPA Millie Banerjee said:

“We welcome part two of this government review and the conclusion of what has been a thought provoking and well considered look into our work.

“Part two of the report has identified a number of areas of work which we believe are already being addressed by our strategy to enable the rail industry to see a much closer link between financial input and policing outcome.

“We see the rail industry as a vital link in the delivery of the best possible policing of Britain’s railways and we have made a number of commitments recently that will see us continue shaping progress together.”

The Triennial Review has been carried out in two parts. Part 1 of the review, which was published on 14 July, considered the continuing need for the BTPA’s functions and the case for it to remain a Non Departmental Public Body, and that it is complying with recognised principles of good corporate governance.

Part 2 of the review has considered a wider range of issues raised by the industry about the effectiveness of the BTPA in the discharge of its functions and the industry’s ability to influence outcomes.