Committee review performance of the BTP

The British Transport Police Authority has commended the BTP for its successful work around suicide prevention on the railways and agreed to work together to ensure the recording of stop and search data can stand up to scrutiny in light of the recent HMIC inspection report.

The Authority, which oversees the work of the Force, commended BTP at a Performance Review Committee in May for the successful work they had carried out in the past year to deliver the Policing Priorities for 2013 -14.

The committee focused on key areas of performance including the progress BTP and partners were making in reducing disruption and the causes of disruption including suicides, attempted suicides and trespass.

The members commended BTP on its continued innovative partnership work to prevent suicide on the railways.

BTP signed an agreement earlier in the year between police, the NHS and other service providers which seeks to improve mental health crisis care and drive up standards. The Authority asked to be kept informed of best practice and of any problems which might need support at a national level.

The Authority was also impressed by the Force’s new approach to tackling repeat assaults on rail staff which includes improved systems to identify rail employees who are repeat victims of crime and seeks to understand why some are repeatedly targeted.

The Force’s use of stop and search powers was another key area of discussion with the Force reporting that much of the work BTP had embarked on, to review the quality and quantity of stop and search encounters, was already in line with Home Office reform.

The committee was encouraged by the Forces progress and arranged to work with BTP to carry out a more detailed analysis of the data to ensure accuracy of stop and search recording.

Liz France BTPA Member and Chair of the Performance Review Committee explained:

“BTP did excellent work last year and this is something which the Authority wants to build on.

“Following the recent HMIC inspection of crime data integrity and reforms to stop and search we need to continue to ask questions of the Force which give us, and through us, those who come in to contact with BTP, confidence that the data tells an accurate story, stands up to scrutiny and meets the highest standards.”