Campaign launched to find new BTP Chief Constable

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) and Department for Transport (DfT) are looking for a new Chief Constable to lead Britain’s specialist policing service that protects the rail network.

The BTPA have today launched the search for the position of BTP Chief Constable, looking for someone who can provide effective leadership to a large, dispersed workforce of police officers and staff, as well as leading constructive partnerships with Governments and the Rail Industry across Great Britain.

The search for the new Chief Constable comes as incumbent Paul Crowther’s current term as Chief Constable ends in early 2021.

BTPA Chair Ron Barclay-Smith said: “The BTP is a one-of-a-kind police force, covering the widest area of any UK police force and receiving the majority of its funding from the rail industry rather than the Home Office.

“Our new Chief Constable will therefore need vision and a strong strategic focus, with the ability to look to the future to ensure that BTP continues to provide a high quality and effective service which meets the needs of its rail industry partners and the millions of people who use the rail network each year.

“Paul has been with the BTP for 34 years and in his six-year tenure as Chief Constable he has led a police force that has adapted impressively to the ever-changing nature of the British rail network. In anticipation of the Government’s Rail Review and any changes necessitated by COVID-19, our new Chief Constable will be expected to be just as versatile and ambitious in the face of change.”

The full job description and candidate pack for the BTP Chief Constable can be seen on the Odgers Berndtson Recruitment website.