BTPA chair to step down after six years

The chair of the body that oversees the work of British Transport Police (BTP) has announced she is stepping down from her position having served two terms at the police authority.

Millie Banerjee, Chair of the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) is set to leave the governing body in August having spent more than six years guiding the work of the railway’s national police force.

Millie, who sits on a number of boards, has carefully timed her departure to allow for the recruitment of a new chair well ahead of the Authority’s stakeholder event in September. Rail industry and passenger representatives attend the annual event to hear the chair’s vision and plans for the governing body and Millie’s departure in summer will allow ample time for a new chair to embed themselves into the organisation.

Millie, the second chair in BTPA’s history since its creation in 2004, said:

“After a great deal of consideration I have decided that now is the right time for me to leave the Authority. I am very proud of what has been achieved during my time at the BTPA and the countless achievements of BTP. Crime on the rail network is lower than it’s ever been and the BTPA has forged enduring relationships with partners in the rail industry which will ensure a safer, more efficient rail network for the future. I have dedicated many years to improving policing on the railways and today BTP are recognised as world leaders in what they do and rightly so.

“I have a number of other interests that I would like to turn my attention to and I feel I can do that now, secure in the knowledge that BTP is in the best shape it’s ever been.”

Andrew Figgures, Chief Executive of the BTPA said:

“We are very sad to be losing Millie as our chair. It has been a great honour to serve under Millie’s chairmanship. Millie has earned the respect of industry and has led the Authority through some very challenging times. Her leadership in developing our strategy with its challenging objectives was inspirational. She has always been immensely supportive of the Force. On behalf of everyone at the Authority I wish Millie the very best for the future.”

The Chief Constable of BTP Paul Crowther added:

“Since BTPA’s establishment in 2004 crime has fallen year on year on the railway, disruption caused by cable theft has reduced by 73%, robbery is down 83%, passenger confidence has increased, and relationships with our industry partners are at their strongest. BTP has been able to achieve these results due to the continued support, investment and belief of the BTPA. Millie’s stewardship, guidance and astuteness have been a real driver behind our success. In particular, Millie has been instrumental in building extremely positive relationships with the industry and convinced them that BTP is an enabler to their businesses that adds value.

“Millie leaves BTPA in the knowledge that the Force is in a very strong position to continue to evolve and meet the demands of a growing railway and its passengers. I am extremely grateful for her personal support and guidance as DCC and Chief Constable.”

The Authority is working closely with the Department for Transport to recruit a new chair.