Authority gears up for launch of plans for policing Britain’s railways

Targets, that will shape the policing of Britain’s railway and underground this year, are being finalised by the authority that oversees the work of the force.

The British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) and the British Transport Police are in the final planning stages of setting the National and Local Policing Plans which are due to be officially released on 1 April.

BTPA and the force spent much of last year talking to stakeholders from the rail industry about what policing priorities matter to them, ranging from responding to crime to dealing with fatalities on the railways.

Feedback has resulted in the creation of local plans that more closely meet the specific needs of Network Rail and train operating companies.

The Authority and BTP recently took the decision to restructure the geographical makeup of the force which will better align with local policing plans. The full implementation of the new restructure will coincide with the launch of the policing plans this April.

Millie Banerjee Chair of the BTPA said: “The plans have involved a lot of consultation and should result in a better delivery of policing for the rail industry and passengers. Any savings the force has made will be ploughed back into frontline resources including investment in 180 – 200 more officers and new technology to ensure efficient and effective policing.”

The National and Local plans feed into the authorities wider strategic aims to:

  • Help keep rail transport systems running
  • Help make rail transport systems safer and more secure
  • Deliver value for money through continuous  improvement
  • Promote confidence in the use of rail transport systems.