2017-18 Interim Policing Plans launched

We are excited to share with you the interim plans for policing Great Britain’s railways in 2017/18. For train operating companies, the travelling public and railway staff these plans will be central to ensuring everyone’s safety and keeping everything moving. We have worked closely with the Chief Constable, his senior team, the rail industry and passenger groups, as well as surveying rail staff and passengers, to ensure that the commitments we have agreed meet the demands around policing the rail network.

We’ve developed a national picture of key policing issues that cut across rail boundaries and regions devising seven commitments areas for the Force to work towards. We’ve also put in place local plans with divisional commitments driven by consultation with passengers and the rail industry at a local level.

This year’s plans look a little different as they mark a move away from a target based approach to a series of commitments made that will continue to deliver on the core objectives of reducing crime, tackling disruption and increasing confidence.

20:20:10, the strategy set in 2013, has achieved significant positive changes in BTP enabling it to focus on developing the right behaviours to tackle crime, reduce disruption and boost passenger confidence. The challenges involved in policing the railways are constantly changing so we must remain agile to meet the demands of the environment in which we operate. With this in mind, 20:20:10 will no longer be the key measure of success, as we move to a more comprehensive way of measuring performance whilst maintaining focus on tackling crime, disruption and confidence. We will be working through the year with industry partners to refine the measures we use to assess performance against the commitments.

The full version of the plans will be available later in the year.