Catherine Crawford

Catherine Crawford OBE was a civil servant in the Home Office for much of her career, working on policy development and implementation in the Criminal, Personnel, Prison and Police Departments for over 25 years. She then became the Executive Director of the newly formed Association of Police Authorities and subsequently the first Chief Executive of the Metropolitan Police Authority, a post which she held for 12 years until the authority was abolished in January 2012, when she became Chief Executive of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime for a transitional period. Among other commitments, Catherine is a trustee of the Internet Watch Foundation. In addition to her extensive knowledge and understanding of policing and the governance of policing she is a regular and frequent traveller on the rail network and commuted by train from Cambridge to London throughout her career.

Catherine became a BTPA member on 1 September 2013 but sadly passed away March 2015.