Scotland devolution

On 18 September 2014, the people of Scotland voted ‘no’ to becoming an independent country in a referendum. Lord Smith of Kelvin was appointed to lead a commission to agree on new powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. He chaired talks with all five political parties and they jointly agreed on the contents of a report, published on 27 November.

Recommendation 67 of the report states: ‘The functions of the British Transport Police in Scotland will be a devolved matter’ 

The BTPA is committed to working closely with the Scottish Government following the announcement that policing of the railways in Scotland is to be devolved.

On this page you will find published information relating to this matter:

BTPA evidence to the Scottish Public Audit Committee

Written Evidence to the Scottish Parliament Public Audit Committee (BTP response)

Options for the devolution of transport policing in Scotland

RDG letter to Transport Scotland

The documents below contain the BTPA’s response to an earlier business case for a merger between Police Scotland and BTP, dating from March 2014. It was, therefore, prepared before the start of the Smith Commission negotiations. It is not a response to the commitment to devolve the functions of BTP to the Scottish Parliament as featured in the Commission’s report.

Millie Banerjee cover letter Scotland – DfT

Response to business case

BTPA response to the consultation on the Integration of the British Transport Police in Scotland into Police Scotland