Setting the budget and the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP)

Our role?

Part 3(19) of the Railways and Transport safety Act requires the Authority to;

…set a budget a budget of expected expenditure and income for the year.

The level of budget allocated to the British Transport Police (BTP) potentially affects all rail passengers, staff and operators as well as the employees of the Force and the Police Authority. As a result making this decision is a key part of the Authority’s business each year.

The information we use

The following is the range of information we use in responding to, analysing and making decisions about budgets and resourcing for the police force and the authority.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be added to this page shortly.

Information we use

What this information tells us

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BTPA business cycle

Sections 2.1.4, 4.3 , 7.3 and Appendix A of the BTPA business cycle sets out where and how the Authority has agreed that it will go about setting an annual budget for the BTP and BTPA.

This also highlights the times of year when stakeholders can expect to be contacted for their inputs to the budget setting process.

Business cycle

Feedback from our annual stakeholder workshop

The following data shows the number of complaints received by BTPA in the last calendar year, including the number forwarded to BTP for investigation and those investigated by BTPA (IPCC referrals)

The number of complaints received and investigated by BTPA is generally so small that it is not meaningful for us to try to monitor the demographics of complainants. However the nature of complaints is monitored, including allegations of discriminatory behaviour.


Feedback report

Strategy and Planning

This Group carries out the detailed oversight of BTP and BTPA’s activities in relation to setting an annual budget and MTFP on behalf of the Authority.

This includes consideration of any equality impact assessments relating to budget and resourcing proposals.

Future meetings and papers

Past papers

Allowances and expenses policy

People who like bananas
People who like apples

Part 3(21&22) of the Act also requires the Authority to make arrangements for payments to members and staff in relation to allowances, expenses etc.

When reviewing our policies in 2008 and 2009 we identified a potential issue around not meeting the cost of carers while members were carrying out business on behalf of BTPA. The attached EIAs shows how we updated that policy to make provision for these expenses to be met for costs of childcare and care of dependent adults for those members with such responsibilities.

We also identified a possible issue around payment of additional expenses being incurred by people with some disabilities who would need particular types of overnight accommodation or additional travel. There was a risk that these costs might exceed the new limits established in the policy. On this occasion it was felt that the existing policy made provision for expenses limits to be increased as a reasonable adjustment.


Equality Impact Assessments for:

– Expenses policy

– Allowances scheme


Voluntary severance scheme

This scheme was approved by Authority in January 2011 and sought to both contribute to planned efficiency savings and to address supervisory ratios at senior ranks. Details of the decision about the scheme are included on page 35 of our annual accounts for 2010/11. Annual accounts 2010/11

Gaps in our budget and MTFP equality information


Actions planned


Equality assessment of budget and MTFP proposals published

Ensure than a proper equality assessment has been carried out, documented and reviewed by the Finance Group and full Authority and is published.

The approach taken by other police authorities has been researched by the Association of Police Authorities and good practice is limited. External good practice is currently being researched.


For 2013/14 budget (Dec’12) and 2014-17 MTFP (Mar’13)