Setting annual policing objectives

Why we do this

Sections 50 of the Railways and Transport safety Act requires the Authority to;

Before the beginning of each financial year… set objectives for the policing of the railway during that year.

This plan potentially affects all rail passengers, staff and operators and developing it is therefore a central part of the Authority’s business.

Our activities result in a series of documents that we call the annual ‘Policing Plan’ for BTP.  Over recent years the feedback from our stakeholders has shown that, because BTP is a national police force, the priorities of passengers, staff and train operators vary slightly across Great Britain. In order to address these local differences BTPA’s annual Policing Plan is made up of two parts;

  • A set of national targets called the ‘National Plan’
  • A series of local targets, or Area plans, which aims to reflect the specific concerns of the local communities in each of BTP’s regions

How we develop the Plan

The following is the information we have used and produced so far in developing the 2012/13 Policing Plan; the Plan is due to be agreed in March 2012 and further information relation to this will be added as it is available.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be added to this page shortly.

Information we use

What this information tells us

See this information

BTPA business cycle

The process for developing the policing plan is set out in sections 2.1.6, 4.2, 7.2 and Appendix A of the Business Cycle. This establishes the proper process that the Authority has agreed that it must go through each year in setting the national priorities. This also highlights the times of year when stakeholders can expect to be contacted for their inputs to the plans. Click here

Feedback from annual stakeholder workshop

As part of our annual business cycle we hold a stakeholder workshop in the autumn which launches the Strategy, Budget, Policing Plan process. This is the first opportunity that our rail industry and rail passenger partners have to input their main areas of concern that they would like us to consider. In previous years stakeholders have requested targets around representation and policing themes such as hate crime (see our 2009/10 plans [click]). None of these issues were raised for inclusion in the national plan at this stage of the consultation this year. PresentationFeedback report

Feedback from our annual budget/policing plan letter

During the next stage of the consultation we share a draft report with our industry and passenger stakeholders and ask for their comments on proposals. In previous years stakeholders have requested targets around representation and policing themes such as hate crime (see our 2009/10 plans [click]). None of these issues have been raised so far this year but we will publish all of our responses once the consultation has closed feedback report on the main messages we have received is due to be published at the end February 2012 once this year’s consultation has closed.


Sample letterResponses received (once consultation closes on 27 January 2012)*Feedback report (due after consultation closes)*

Feedback from consultation with our National Advisory Group (NIAG)

People who like bananas
People who like apples

For the first time this year we have also invited the BTP NIAG to review and comment on our proposals for the national part of the policing plan. Feedback is expected in early February 2012.

Local NIAG members have also been invited to be involved in the discussions on the BTP local Area plans. This information is collected by and analysed separately by BTP.


Responses will appear here soon.*

Papers presented to our Policing Plan Group & minutes

The Policing Plan Group does the detailed work on the preparation of the Policing Plan on behalf of the Police Authority. The papers summarise the issues arising from engagement with our stakeholders and from the additional research carried out by BTPA and BTP. The minutes of these meetings capture the main points of the discussion and the decisions the Group recommends to the full Authority when it discusses the final set of Plans in March Agenda, papers and minutes

Papers presented to the full Authority

The full Authority gives final approval to the annual Policing Plan and in doing so has to satisfy itself that any issues relating to equality have been properly considered and addressed. Papers on the 29 March Authority meeting page

Other internal reports and information

BTP annual diversity report– this report covers a wide range of issues including data on staff representation and sickness rates (see targets for 2010/11) the data in this report, along with responses from wider consultation provides a steer to the Authority about issues to be considered for the annual PlanRail staff survey – this research is carried out biannually by BTP and seeks the views of station and train staff on issues such as their experiences of crime and concerns about personal security. This report highlights to the Authority which issues could be reflected in theBTPA review of fear of crime 2008 – this short desktop survey was originally carried out by the Authority in 2006 and updated in 2008. It attempted to identify the range of security issues that rail passengers were concerned about whether individuals with different protected characteristics experienced different fears while on the network. Consistent messages emerged about fears of antisocial behaviour and lack of staffing late at night. These issues affect all passengers and staff appeared in both the 2010/11 and 2011/12 Plans. Click links on left

External information

National Passenger Survey– this twice yearly survey of rail passengers includes specific questions about people’s awareness of BTP and their priority concerns whilst travelling around the network and at stations. The 2009 Passenger Focus report on passenger perceptions took a detailed look at the main causes of concern for passengers at stations and on trains. As with our other information sources this confirmed the importance of addressing violent crime, antisocial behaviour and late night deployments. Other reports will appear here as they are reviewed by BTPA Click links on left Passenger Focus report and BTP extract are due to be published February 2012 and will appear here shortly

Information we use when we hold the Chief Constable to account for delivery of the Policing Plan can be found by clicking here.

Gaps in our equality information


Actions planned


Equality assessment of the Policing Plan

Ensure than a proper equality assessment has been carried out, documented and reviewed by the full Authority is published. For 2012/13 Plan (March 2012)

Research of, and wider engagement with, individuals and groups with knowledge of the new protected characteristics

Desk review of existing literature. Liaison with existing advisory group members and their wider contacts. As required establish contacts with new individuals or organisations representing the interests of those with the new protected characteristics


For the 2013/14 Policing Plan, process for which commences autumn 2012