Hold the Chief Constable to account for BTP’s performance

Our role

Once the Authority has issued a three year Strategic Plan, set an annual Policing for the railways and set a budget for delivery these objectives the Authority is also responsible for holding the Chief Constable to account for the performance of the force and for delivery an efficient and effective police service for the railways.

Delivery of policing services includes operational policing, providing services to a range of service users and the Force’s arrangements in relation to employment. This area of the Authority’s work has the potential to impact on all rail passengers and rail staff, our industry funders and the employees of the Force and Authority.

The information we use

The following is the range of information we use in responding to, analysing and making decisions about budgets and resourcing for the police force and the authority.

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Information we use

What this information tells us

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BTPA business cycle

The BTPA business cycle sets out where and how the Authority will go about its role to hold the Chief Constable to account for the performance of BTP. This document includes the specific areas of work in each of the Authority’s committees will carry out detailed oversight, including equalities matters. Business cycle

Our equality oversight plan for 2011-12

This plan sets out how and where the Authority will carry out its key equality oversight duties in 2011/12. PresentationFeedback report

Full Authority

The Full Authority has oversight of all the main business of the Force and Authority Executive Agenda, meeting papers and minutes

Audit Committee

This committee will receive reports of all internal and external audit and inspection activities – of particular interest will be relevant HMIC inspections where there is a significant element which has implications for delivery of general equality duties. These will be published as they are available. Agenda, meeting papers and minutes

Professional Standards Committee

This committee carries out the detailed oversight of all of BTP and the BTPA Executive’s work on professional standards and complaints matters – see our separate page for detailed information. Link to separate page on professional standards and complaints

Policing Plan Group

This Group carries out the detailed oversight of all of BTP and the BTPA Executive’s work on consulting on and setting the annual Policing Plan. This includes developing any specific targets relating to equalities matters and any areas which require improvement and could be included in the plan for the coming year – see our separate page for detailed information on setting the annual plan. Agenda, papers and minutes

Performance Review group

This Group carries out the detailed oversight of delivery of Policing and Strategic Plans on behalf of the Authority. This Group also reviews progress with the BTP Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy and scrutinises that annual report from BTP on Equality matters. This Group also carries out the detailed work on scrutinising BTP’s use of Stop and Search powers and exploring any issues of disproportionality  in usage Agenda, meeting papers and minutesBTP annual report on Equality & DiversityBTP Stop & Search report

Finance group

This Group carries out the detailed oversight of BTP and BTPA’s activities in relation to setting an annual budget and MTFP on behalf of the Authority. This includes consideration of any equality impact assessments relating to budget and resourcing proposals. Agenda, meeting papers and minutes

BTPA Force Diversity Action Group (DAG)

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This is the central body within the Force which carries out detailed scrutiny of and planning for equality matters. The Authority has representation at this meeting and provides feedback on the relevant activities carried out by BTPA Members and staff.

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BTP Stop and Search Strategy Group

This is a BTP rather than BTPA Group although the BTPA has representation at the meeting which is also attended by community representatives. The Group meets quarterly and reviews a range of operational data; reviews feedback provided by service users and provides commentary on proposed strategy, policy and action plans and relating to Stop powers. Headline issues are fed into the BTPA scrutiny work carried out in this area. Click here

Gaps in our budget and MTFP equality information


Actions planned


Gaps in performance data relating to the new protected characteristics – particularly in relation to service delivery (e.g. quality of service, stop & search)

Liaise with BTP to identify what plans are in place to capture new data from service users and establish whether this data allows BTPA to extend its oversight activities. Carry out desk research of the current oversight activities of other police authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) from autumn 2012 to see how oversight and performance scrutiny activities could be improved in this area. During the 2012/13 performance year (from April 2012)