Disclosure log: 2009


Subject matter


Date received: 21 May

1. How much public funding did your organisation receive in the last financial year 2008-09?

2. What was the total expenditure, including wages, of your organisation in the same period?

3. How many people are employed, full-time or part-time, by your organisation?

4. In the financial year 2008-09, how much was paid in wages, and how much was claimed in staff expenses?

5. How many people are seconded to your organisation from a Government department/other publicly funded body?

6. In 2008/9 how many hours were worked by seconded employees and what was the estimated cost in wages of their secondment?

7. How much was claimed in expenses by seconded employees?

8. Which job vacancies in your organisation were advertised in the financial year 2008-09 and what was the salary offered?

9. A list of all events hosted by your organisation at a cost of £1000 or greater, and the date, location, details and costs of those events.

10. A list of all staff team building or ‘think-tank’ events during the same period, the location and total cost.

11. A list of all overseas visits made by people from your organisation, or arranged and paid for by your organisation, with details including date, location, number of people who travelled, mode of travel, hotel and total cost.

12. A list of all promotional gifts produced by your organisation, and the costs or production and distribution.

13. Also, if your organisation underwent any re-branding during the financial year 2008-09 a breakdown of costs of that re-branding.

14. All expenses claimed by the Chairman and Chief Executive of your organisation during the financial year 2008-09.

15. A list of travel expenses claimed by the Chairman and Chief Executive, broken down into the following categories: car mileage, taxi/private car hire, rail and air.

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Date received: 27 May

How and when you accept applications for selection to membership of the Authority?

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Date received: 29 June

The annual salary details from the last three financial years for

1. The Board Director/Committee Chair.

2. All chief executives.

3. All deputy executives/directors/chairs.

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Date received: 20 July

1. Total cost of overnight accommodation provided/claimed for by all staff on official business

2. Total number of room nights claimed/provided by all staff

3. What corporate discounts were used/negotiated by your organisation for overnight accommodation and what the estimated amount of monies saved as a result of the discount are

4. A breakdown of which hotels/guest houses etc were stayed at by staff for 2008/9

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Date received: 27 July

1. What was the total staff wages bill for your authority in i) 2008/09 ii) 2007/8 iii) 2006/7 and how many members of staff worked for your authority in those years (in FTE)?

2. How many members of staff were classified as senior management in i) 2008/09 ii) 2007/8 iii) 2006/7 and what was the total senior management wage bill in each of those years?

3. What was the total expenses bill for a) staff and b) senior management staff in i) 2008/09 ii) 2007/8 iii) 2006/7?

4. A list of the travel expenses claimed by the senior management team by a) car b) air c) rail d) taxis e) other third party cars and f) other for i) 2008/09 ii) 2007/8 iii) 2006/7?

5. A list of all the events hosted by your authority and the cost of those events in 2008/09?

6. How many bonuses have been paid to staff in each year since 2006 and how much was each bonus worth?

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Date received: 21 October

What are the total expenses (£) for all BTPA to date out of the budget for 2008/09 and 2009/10.

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Date received: 17 December

Completion of attached questionnaire on PCSO funding.

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