Disclosure log: 2007


Subject matter


Date received: 28 October 2007

Information about dealings between your organisation and public affairs firms in the last five years.

  1. The names of firms you have hired, either on an ongoing or one-off basis
  2. Details of how you selected them, how much you have paid them and what their remit was
  3. Copies of any documents they produced for you or e-mails between your organisation and them
  4. Details (when, who) of any hospitality or travel they provided for you
  5. Details (when, who) of any meetings they arranged for members of your organisation with members of the government (either civil servant, special advisers or ministerial)
  6. Any evaluations your body produced about the consultancy’s work. Also, on a different time scale of two years.
  7. Details of hospitality (dinners and trips) provided by your organisation and hospitality (dinners and trips) taken by senior staff (defined as senior civil servant equivalent to Cabinet Office grade 4 and above).

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Date received: 8 November 2007

Emailed copies of the following:

  • BTPA Corporate Governance Document
  • Policing Plan
  • Strategic Plan

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Date received: 14 November 2007

The top tier local authority (County, Unitary, London Borough, Metropolitan authority) within which each member of the BTPA lives.

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Date received: 11 December 2007

Agenda and papers of 11 December 2007 Authority meeting

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