Disclosure log: 2013

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02/13     Date received: 30/01/2013

Can I ask why your authority has not challenged the policy of the BTP in Scotland to have officers conducting solo patrols, as this mean that they are in fact impotent being that Scottish Law has its basis in corroboration (i.e. two or more officers backing up each others evidence).

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04/13     Date received: 11/02/2013

I have just read the minutes of the authorities meeting on the 31st of January. I note that no decision had been made concerning continued Government funding for the National metal theft task force. Has a decision now been made and if so can you please advise if it was positive and for how much. Last year the funding was for £5 million.

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 07/13     Date received: 19/02/2013

I would like to know how much TFL paid the BTPA in the year 2012.

I would also like to know what they were buying for their money. What are the terms of their Police Authority Agreement? What level of service can they expect from their investment, and how was this actually manifested in 2012 (how many times did TFL use their police force? How many call outs, etc?)

I’ve cc’d in the British Transport Police, in case some of the information about their actual operational deployment is held by them.

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 08/13     Date received: 19/03/2013

From the BTPA’s website I see that the annual budget for the BTP as a whole this year £199m.  Can you advise me what the breakdown for Scotland is?

Further to that, do you have information how much is provided by Network Rail, by ScotRail and by others?

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 10/13     Date received: 26/03/2013

1)      With respect to the Authority’s terms and conditions of employment, the current policy in relation to public and privilege holidays that fall during a period of maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

2)      Any prior policy pertaining to public and privilege holiday that fall during a period of maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

3)      The date the previous policy was amended to the current policy

4)      Any internal correspondence and documents relating to an amendment to this policy – in particular any correspondence providing an explanation for changing policy (eg. Bulletin 42, http:/bit.ly/163hSMt)

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 14/13     Date received: 17/04/2013

I’d like the following information.

1) What is the ethnic breakdown of the current members of the Authority.
2) How many BME members of the Authority have there being since it was created.
3) What is the BTPA actively undertaking to increase BME representation at the Authority level.

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 17/13     Date received: 26/03/2013

Is there anywhere I can browse the Agendas and access the transcripts of the

BTPAs Full Authority and Committee meetings?
Also, has the policing plan for London Tube Network and DLR been published for 2013/14?

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 22/13     Date received: 17/07/2013

Please can you supply Finance papers for the July 2013 Committee meeting.

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 25/13     Date received: 14/10/2013

Please can you supply Finance papers for the September 2013 Committee meeting.

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