Disclosure log: 2012

Ref       Subject matter

12/01     Date received: 03 January

For each member of the senior command team (please provide the full name in each case):

  • Whether degree-qualified
  • If so in what subject, and from which academic institution, and the date
  • If in possession of higher degrees (Masters, Doctorate etc.) please also specify.

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12/02     Date received: 11 January

Please provide the following information concerning Freedom Of Information Act requests made to British Transport Police Authority during 2011:

  • The number of requests received
  • Number of responses provided within statutory timescales
  • Number of responses provided outside statutory timescales

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12/03     Date received: 18 January

I would like to request a copy of the document “British Transport Police Fund accounts for 1 July 2004 to 31 March 2005”, published as House of Commons paper number HC 1157, session 2005-06. If possible I would like a pdf of this document, although hard copy is acceptable.

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12/04     Date received: 26 January

  • Who takes responsibility for complaints made against your police staff, the Force’s HR department or their Professional Standards Department?
  • Could you please copy me a brief summary of the complaints procedure, this could include, for example, info on committees; do HR take responsibility for staff and PSD for officers?; any dedicated complaints officers; The Authority’s involvement, etc.

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12/07     Date received: 20 March

  • What is your annual spend on recruitment is outside of contracts?

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12/08     Date received: 21 March

  • Could I please have a breakdown of what was spent on recruitment in the financial year 2011/2012 and with which suppliers.

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12/10     Date received: 21 March

  • In the circumstances, could I please ask that you reply to this email with the following:
    • Name
    • Rank
    • PA details
    • Contact details

for all Women Officers and Staff of ACPO Rank or Grade within your force.

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12/13     Date received: 13 May

  • I am doing some research into current Police authority staffing structures.  I was wondering if there was a staffing structure diagram for yourselves?  If there is not a diagram, I am just looking for an idea of the number of staff in post, job titles and what sort of grade those posts are.

Referred to this website page

12/18     Date received: 17 August

  • Please supply me with details of all outsourcing contracts for police and back up office staff being offered for tender or under consideration for outsourcing by the British Transport police authority. Could you specify the value of the tender, the number of staff affected and length of the contract and where one has been awarded, the name of the winning company. What is your annual spend on recruitment is outside of contracts?

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12/24     Date received: 25 October

  1. Under the Freedom of Information Act I would like to request the name, job title, email address, contact telephone number and postal address for all British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) employees that fulfil the below criteria on the 22nd October 2012:Their job title contains any of the following words:
  2.  Their salary exceeds £30k per annum.

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